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Well, I don’t know how it happened but spontaneously I found myself last night in our little mobile home in the heart of the woods with the lights off and one candle burning brightly, attuning my Daughter Jasmin to Reiki I. 

She had woken up that morning and not stopped asking for the attunement all day.  She had, at the age of 7 decided it was time.  This is the age when Rudolf Steiner believed a child had become its own ‘self’ and whilst growing adult teeth is also growing a perception about their place in the world and for Jasmin this meant time for Reiki.  This type of healing has been in her life since conception but the need to explore it as a form had never occurred to her before now.  Maybe she was just copying mummy but she had never really done this before and I think her being knew it was going into the second 7 year cycle of her life, where she would begin to confront the duality of her human existence.  This interests me because she is part of a new consciousness, the children of parents who began to pick apart the truth of their own existence seeing the light of a greater consciousness ahead of them.  How will her life differ, will she need to experience the ‘who you are not’ to experience ‘who you are’ in the same way as we did?  I think not, this generation have absorbed the clearance their parents have done and will take this and the practices handed down to them through their life.

The growth of the child and of the greater consciousness will be wonderful to watch and will be, as usual enlightening for the parents.  As I write this I can feel myself spending more time with children, helping them to shine into their futures and at the same time letting them help me.  This symbiotic relationship between children and adults must be the way forward, surely gone are the days of the adult knowing all.  The need for boundaries and structure for children is all the more important today, don’t get me wrong but within the framework of development there is also the need for recognising that they may have a greater light to shine than ours and we must give them the space to do this.

A way in which this was reflected after Jasmin’s attunement was that once she had rested for a short while, she instantly became very alert and began to place her little hands as hot as irons onto my back just where it was at that time quite aching.  Her hands stayed there for a long while until the aching subsided and then she moved them.  She was totally and intuitively tuned into the Reiki and my body.  She was practicing what I now know after research, was the Reiki practiced and taught by Dr Usui.  Without set hand positions, the Reiki practitioner worked intuitively over and on the body.  I think watching Jasmin work like this without being told anything intellectually has strengthened my feeling that it is time to begin to practice and teach Reiki in this way.  I can feel that times are changing and it may be wise to let go of the ‘western’ style Reiki that has until now served all who have come into contact with it and go deeper into the heart of Reiki. 

With this in mind I will begin to explore the ‘Heart of Reiki’ as I believe it will become a new way to practice, focusing very strongly on the intuitive not only in healing but as a ‘way’ of being,  a ‘way’ of life.  

When I started writing none of this was in my awareness.  For me, writing has become a flow of inspiration and such a wonderful creative way to access the truth…maybe this will be part of the programme… 

Rebecca x


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