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Becoming a Reiki Practitioner tends to bring us into contact with the mental, emotional and physical disharmony and sickness present in many people today.  What an amazing window it is into the beliefs and stories most of us are currently living by, as we hear the words of our clients after they have experienced Reiki.  Meeting people at this level of openness introduces us not only to other peoples’ issues but we begin to see in them over and over again, a reflection of our own inner state.

This is the Universal intelligence working through Reiki on a human and psychological level.  How many times have I found myself as a Reiki Practitioner being there for someone who is sharing after a treatment, finding myself able to tap into resources of wisdom for them only to realise later what perfect Truth that was for me at the time. 

So, it would seem that practicing Reiki introduces us to a world in which we are present on a regular basis when people begin to uncover their own Truth in front of us and in doing so they produce a perfect brilliant reflection of our own inner selves.  The reflections are very real in that Reiki only brings to you people with emotions or issues you are ready to be present with.  As you begin to clear yourself those who come are also beginning to clear more deep-rooted emotions.  The more you practice, the more you look into your own mirror and begin to see whatever it is that dulls your own inner light.  This is the ‘Way’ of Reiki, supporting us in the Journey home to our own Truth, a journey which as we know is not from A to B but is the lifting of the veils we have placed or have allowed to be placed upon us as we walked through life thus far. 

I have begun to include this very simple knowledge of the Reiki path in my training.  When Practitioners see themselves as ‘Healers’ this can produce a feeling of importance and ‘helping’ of others which so often strengthens the Ego-self and dilutes the experience of Universal Flow for all involved.  I offer the view that the act of practicing Reiki is an equal sharing of Universal wisdom and insight between Practitioner and Client serving both at all times.


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